1973 Engineering work for cable production at ASEA
1973 - 1976 Elektromechanic construction work for Toledo Reliance
1976 - 1977 Assistant for mentally disabled people
1977 Schoolteacher in maths and tecnical subjects
Summers - 1977 - 1987 Assistant for mentally disabled children
1978 - 1979 Schoolteacher in all subjects for teenagers with social problems.
1979 Course Leader for Tjaereborg School of English in England
1979 - 1985 Social work: Home for socially disabled teenagers, workplaces and homes for mentally retarded adults, etc.
1985 - 1986 Schoolteacher in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Since Sept 1986 Fully Selfemployed in the field of Breathwork Education, Inner & Outer Leadership and the Art of Creative Encounter. Started 1987 as lecturer and guest-trainer outside Sweden. Frequently working in Germany, France, Belgium and Italy.
1973 Engineering exam, telecommunication field
1979 - 1980 Basic education in Breathwork at Inspiration University, California
1984 - 1985 Studies in History of Economics and History of Religion, at Stockholm University