Networking is one of the most important contemporary activities in today's society. Networks make it possible to co-ordinate projects, to better use accessible resources, to exchange knowledge and experiences and to spread important information effectively. In this age of Information Technology it is possible to create national as well as global networks without too much money. Networks can be used for social as well as commercial purposes. (Professor Evert Gummesson in Stockholm University has written an excellent book called "Total Relationship Marketing", first published in 1999 by Butterworth and Heinemann).

The creation of International Breathwork Foundation (IBF), a result of many Breathworkers wish for international exchange and co-operation, became a very important network for me personally, both socially and professionally.

In 1994 I co-organised the first Global Inspiration Conference together with Gunnel Minett and Lena Kristina Tuulse. Participants from more than ten different countries came, all of them with a spirit of openness, curiosity to learn from each other and a wish to network. That group of people became the co-creators of International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). IBF also became a great example of how breathworkers can come together and exchange differences in respect. A vision that became true with mutual efforts of inspired breathworkers. Since that year my communication and network became expanded and has been a great source of information and inspiration for me.

Countries that I have worked in: Norway, Denmark, Finland, England, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, France, Morocco, Italy, Poland and Venezuela.

Examples of categories of professions that I trained: Staff managers, political district representatives, rehabilitation centre staff, teachers of religion, mental hospital staff, gestalt therapists, psychoanalysts, doctors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, business consultants and psychiatrists.

Examples of schools were I served as a guest teacher :

Ausbildung Transformative Körperpsychoterapie --- in Berlin
Institut für körperorientierte Gestalttherapie und Gestaltpedagogik, Friedberg --- in Berlin
Organisme de Formation Proffessionnelle Continue --- in Paris
Ressources --- in Lyon
Scuola di formazione di Breathwork Counseling --- in Milano
Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela --- in Caracas, Venezuela
Association CENTRE-DO --- in Paris
Pranavision school --- in Wroclaw, Poland

Read my lecture on Social Integration (PDF)

When a network has established itself and are working it could start networking with other network for the benefit of all.



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